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Talking Sport and Exercise as a way of life with Greg Whyte OBE

Gemma Hillier-Moses, MOVE Charity Founder, talks to Greg Whyte. Greg is a former olympian, world renowned sport scientist, motivational speaker and world leading physical activity expert. He has a huge passion for exercise physiology, in particular cancer and exercise. Greg is well known for his mentoring of celebrities in endurance comic relief challenges and to date he has helped to raise over £38m for charity! Greg has led an interesting and unique journey, both personally and professionally. He is a brilliant speaker and you'll get an excellent insight into his life, his work and his values.

Talking realities of a cancer journey as a young person with Sophie Mulligan and Shannon Coate

Gemma Hillier-Moses, Move Charity Founder, talks to Sophie and Shannon about their cancer journeys. Sophie was 19, in her first year of university and had a chest infection she couldn’t shift. She went to her GP after the whites of her eyes started to turn yellow but “Didn’t think in a million years it would be cancer.” Until she heard the words: “We think you’ve got leukaemia.” Sophie started a 2 and a half year treatment plan with chemo nearly everyday putting her degree on hold. She says she just “Went into autopilot” throughout the treatment. She has since had two relapses and has had more treatment including a stem cell transplant. Shannon was diagnosed last year, in the middle of the pandemic with stage 2 breast cancer. First of all she was told: “You’re too young, you’ve got nothing to worry about.” Luckily, she persisted and went to have it checked out again and had the horrifying news that it was cancer and it had spread. Shannon has had chemotherapy, a mastectomy and radiotherapy treatment.

Talking ‘Finding Your Why’ with David Smith, MBE.

David was born with club foot and spent the early years of his life undergoing multiple surgeries and learning to walk in special boots and plaster casts. After pursuing able bodied sports at international level, including karate, bobsleigh and athletics, he found himself on the UK paralympic rowing squad. In 2010, after some hiccups in training, he underwent routine tests including an MRI scan of his spine, that ultimately led to the discovery of a tumour which was crushing his spinal cord and required emergency, life threatening spinal surgery.. Less than 2 years after his first surgery he won gold in the mixed coxed four in the paralympic games. He then moved onto the GB para-cycling programme, with the aspiration of racing in Rio. However, in 2014, his tumour came back and since then he has undergone a further 5 enormous operations. His operation in 2016 left him paralysed. David is someone who has to live both with a spinal cord injury and the fear of his tumour progressing yet he is someone who LIVES in the true sense of the word.

Talking limb loss and GB paracycling with working supermum, Sally Hurst

This week, we talk to Sally Hurst. Sally describes herself as a ‘normal, tired, middle aged working mum’. After listening to this you’ll realise she is anything but! Aged 26 Sally was treated for osteosarcoma. This entailed cancelling her wedding to undergo a year of chemotherapy sandwiched around an above-knee amputation. Over the next ten years Sally got married; returned to work; had two children despite being told her treatment had probably made her infertile; learnt to walk and then cycle with a prosthetic leg; and to cap it all off she ended up racing for the Great Britain para-cycling team. 12 years later Sally was diagnosed with a completely unrelated breast cancer requiring more gruelling chemotherapy and surgery.

Facing the death of your child and living with no regrets. A conversation with Gillian Sewell.

This week, oncologist Lucy Gossage has an open, extremely moving yet remarkably uplifting conversation with Gillian Sewell, whose son Lewis died of cancer in August 2020 aged 18. Lucy was Lewis’s oncologist and in this episode, Gillian shares her experience as Lewis’s mother.

A special and exclusive interview with Paula Radcliffe and her daughter, Isla

In this episode we talk to Marathon Queen and former world Record Holder Paula Radcliffe and her incredible daughter Isla about Isla's cancer diagnosis at the age of 14 in the autumn of 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is the first time outside the Sunday Times article that Isla has spoken publicly about her experience with cancer.

Talking Living and Cancer with Deborah James, aka Bowelbabe

This is our second episode of the podcast: 'Talking living and cancer with Deborah James aka Bowelbabe' We are so lucky to have such a fantastic guest, thank you so much for joining us Deborah. Deborah is a broadcaster, a writer, a campaigner, a former deputy headteacher, a mum, a co-presenter of 'You, Me and the Big C' podcast, a runner and she has stage four bowel cancer.

Talking Cancer and Wellbeing with MP Tracey Crouch

This very first episode features former Sports minister, Tracey Crouch, as our guest. Tracey talks very openly about her cancer treatment during the pandemic, work-life balance, strategies for dealing with anxiety and much more.

Move Against Cancer Podcast, The Why

Our aim with this podcast is to support and inspire people to move, exercise and live an active and fulfilling life despite a cancer diagnosis.

Move Against Cancer Podcast: Trailer

Our aim with this podcast is to support and inspire people to move, exercise and live an active and fulfilling life despite a cancer diagnosis. Unfortunately, cancer will affect everyone either personally or through our loved ones and so whatever position you are in we hope you will learn and be inspired by our podcast. Thank you so much for listening.

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