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Kat Cordiner: The adventure seeker who is putting the CAN in cancer.

Kat is an incredible individual and we're sure that you will be blown away listening to her story. Kat was diagnosed with cervical cancer in early 2019. Having gone into remission, the chances of recurrence were in the 5% range – but unfortunately on Thursday 2nd July 2020, Kat was told it was back. However, this did not stop her at all- Having never rowed before Kat completed the 3,000 mile journey, as part of The ExtraOARdinary Crew- alongside crewmates Abby and Charlotte, to successfully row across the Atlantic Ocean in a WORLD Record time of 42 days, 7 hours and 17 minutes! Kat navigated treatment and training for this epic adventure and raised an incredible amount of money for cancer charities. This podcast is all about an inspiring woman who really does put the CAN in cancer.

Jenny Wilson: The Fundraising GP and her Breast Cancer Journey

Jenny is an active GP from Bedford who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 45. Despite guidance on moving when living with cancer being limited at the time Jenny continued to lift weights and then began running when parkrun came to Bedford. She said she felt better for moving more and sitting less. Jenny found that she also really enjoyed encouraging others, including her patients to move more and became a local parkrun run director and then one of our brilliant Bedford 5k Your Way Ambassadors. In 2022, Jenny will be turning 60, an age she says at one point she wasn't sure she'd reach so she has combined her love of fundraising and challenges to take on a year of challenges to fundraise for MOVE!

Cancer and the comeback with Andy McAslan

In this episode we talk to Andy McAslan, an 800m elite athlete based in Leeds. In August 2021 he was diagnosed with stage 4 follicular lymphoma, an incurable blood cancer at the age of 25. Cancer has given Andy a new perspective on life, from learning to grab opportunities, appreciate the small things and live your life to the full. You'll hear all about Andy's incredibly positive outlook, the reason why he wants to share his cancer journey and how running really is so much more than putting one foot in front of the other.

Let’s talk about sex.

This episode features 4 young people, Sophie Mulligan, Millie Critchley, Liam Isles and Caitlin Wilde, who all had cancer in their late teens/early twenties. They talk very openly and honestly about how their diagnosis and treatment affected their sex life, relationships and dating. Listening in on their conversation was 5k Your Way Co-Founder Lucy Gossage and Psychosexual Therapist Angela Gregory. Angela offers some excellent advice and resources whilst also answering any questions raised by Sophie, Millie, Liam and Cait during their chat. It was such a privilege to have a professional listen in on their conversation and give reassuring and informed advice. This is such an eye opening episode and highlights just some of the difficulties that young people face when they are diagnosed with cancer, whilst also placing emphasis on how more needs to be done by healthcare professionals to ensure that appropriate action is taken to combat any issues raised, so that their quality of life is maintained.

Talking facial differences and life lessons with Crystal Marshall

Crystal Marshall, 23, was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer (osteosarcoma) in her face when she was 18-years-old. At the time she was studying performing arts and felt that her dream of becoming an actress and working in the theatre was over. After undergoing chemotherapy and operations to remove the tumour, which left her with changes to the right side of her face, Crystal thought she would never be able to act again. However, fast forward 5 years and she is at LAMDA drama school in London, well on the way to a distinguished acting career. She starred in BBC’s ‘Face It’, a monologue exploring life with a facial difference ( BBC iPlayer - Culture in Quarantine - Face It - Leonie) and has very recently had her first big theatre appearance. The first time Crystal showed her face to people outside her family was during her audition for drama school. Crystal is determined to advocate for better representation of visible facial differences on screen and in theatre not just using a pity or villainous narrative and aspires to help others who have facial differences realise they can still have the confidence to fulfil their dreams.

The things they don't tell you about cancer with Sophie, Liam and Millie

Sophie Mulligan, Millie Critchley and Liam Isles are the three brains behind the MOVE as ONE Facebook support group, but they also have one huge thing in common - they each had cancer in their 20s. This is a really powerful and honest chat about the harsh realities of having cancer as a young person. It highlights the things that are very rarely spoken about and how cancer isn't just a straight road from diagnosis to recovery, but that there are in fact so many hurdles to face along the way.

From cancer diagnosis to marathon medals - Talking 'The Running Drug' with Tim Beynon

Tim spent much of his career as a journalist writing and editing the stories of others' sporting and personal achievements. He also spent many years working in the third sector, helping charities communicate their message and develop fundraising strategies. He is a big supporter of many brilliant charities and is a true believer that the health and wellbeing of millions of people across the UK is down to the hard work of the charity sector. Tim's brilliant book: 'The Running Drug': "From cancer diagnosis to marathon medal, via gloved fingers, blood tests and black toenails, The Running Drug tells the personal story of how Tim Beynon’s running addiction helped him to overcome cancer, finish his first marathon and discover a fitter, healthier future. With only one in 10,000 men contracting prostate cancer aged 40 and only one per cent of the world’s population running a marathon, Tim took on both challenges simultaneously. Recalling his journey from childhood cross-country lessons and exercise indifference to the dark days of diagnosis and the joy of completing the London Marathon, Tim’s heartwarming - and often hilarious - tale is one of stoic determination and hope." We cannot recommend this more, find out more and buy yours here: https://timbeynon123.wixsite.com/cluedupbooks Or search 'The Running Drug' on Amazon.

Talking life lessons as a Cancer Rehab Instructor with Helen Murray

This week we talk to Helen Murray (www.helenmurray.net) Helen leads Move Charity’s online cancer rehabilitation programme for 13-30 year olds. She’s also a triathlon coach, a lover of outdoor adventures and host of the Inside Tri Show podcast (www.insidetrishow.com). But cancer rehab hasn’t always been her life. Until 2018 Helen was working early mornings, late nights and weekends as a Producer for BBC Sport. She covered major events around the world including two Olympics, the FIFA World Cup and two Commonwealth Games. However, after several years at the BBC Helen realised this wasn’t the way she wanted to spend the rest of her life. Amongst many things it was watching a short documentary about the benefits of exercise programmes for people affected by cancer that ultimately triggered her to take the plunge to leave the security of the BBC and change paths completely to train as a Cancer Rehab Instructor. Fast-forward 3 years and Helen has supported over 120 young people living with and after cancer through the Move online programme.

Talking Getting your Oomph back with Carolyn Garritt

This episode is all about the brilliant Carolyn Garritt. We follow Carolyn's journey of both her personal and professional experiences of cancer. Carolyn Garritt MSc (Public Health and Health Promotion) is a cancer exercise specialist personal trainer and is Exercise Lead for the West London Maggie’s Cancer Support Centre. She has been working in this relatively new field for more than seven years and is a qualified personal trainer and instructor in running, boxing, sports conditioning, chair-based exercise and Nordic walking. She has trained hundreds of people recovering from or living with cancer. She also has personal experience of cancer – she helped both her parents to become more active after their cancer diagnoses and in 2020, while she was writing this book, she was diagnosed with breast cancer herself. Carolyn is also the Ambassador for the small-but-perfectly-formed Southwark 5K Your Way Group.

Talking ‘Being a CanLiver’ with Luke Grenfell-Shaw.

In this episode we talk to Luke Grenfell-Shaw (also known as Bristol2Beijing on social media). Luke was diagnosed with stage 4 sarcoma in June 2018. In January 2020 he started a cycle ride from Bristol to Beijing on a tandem. This ride would be pretty epic at the best of times. Add Covid, closed borders and a cancer diagnosis into the mix and epic doesn’t even come close to describing it. Having made it to the border with Afghanistan, Luke’s currently back in the UK for a few weeks and is hoping to restart his journey to Beijing from Pakistan imminently.

Spotlight on our 5k Your Way Groups with Ambassadors, Tony and Sarah

This episode is all about celebrating our 5k Your Way groups! We're so excited that they are back, we love hearing about lots of you walking, jogging, running, cheering or volunteering up and down the country on the last Saturday of every month. You'll hear from two of our 5k Your Way Ambassadors who tell us all about their groups and what it means to them to be part of the 5k Your Way community.

Talking Sport and Exercise as a way of life with Greg Whyte OBE

Gemma Hillier-Moses, MOVE Charity Founder, talks to Greg Whyte. Greg is a former olympian, world renowned sport scientist, motivational speaker and world leading physical activity expert. He has a huge passion for exercise physiology, in particular cancer and exercise. Greg is well known for his mentoring of celebrities in endurance comic relief challenges and to date he has helped to raise over £38m for charity! Greg has led an interesting and unique journey, both personally and professionally. He is a brilliant speaker and you'll get an excellent insight into his life, his work and his values.

Talking realities of a cancer journey as a young person with Sophie Mulligan and Shannon Coate

Gemma Hillier-Moses, Move Charity Founder, talks to Sophie and Shannon about their cancer journeys. Sophie was 19, in her first year of university and had a chest infection she couldn’t shift. She went to her GP after the whites of her eyes started to turn yellow but “Didn’t think in a million years it would be cancer.” Until she heard the words: “We think you’ve got leukaemia.” Sophie started a 2 and a half year treatment plan with chemo nearly everyday putting her degree on hold. She says she just “Went into autopilot” throughout the treatment. She has since had two relapses and has had more treatment including a stem cell transplant. Shannon was diagnosed last year, in the middle of the pandemic with stage 2 breast cancer. First of all she was told: “You’re too young, you’ve got nothing to worry about.” Luckily, she persisted and went to have it checked out again and had the horrifying news that it was cancer and it had spread. Shannon has had chemotherapy, a mastectomy and radiotherapy treatment.

Talking ‘Finding Your Why’ with David Smith, MBE.

David was born with club foot and spent the early years of his life undergoing multiple surgeries and learning to walk in special boots and plaster casts. After pursuing able bodied sports at international level, including karate, bobsleigh and athletics, he found himself on the UK paralympic rowing squad. In 2010, after some hiccups in training, he underwent routine tests including an MRI scan of his spine, that ultimately led to the discovery of a tumour which was crushing his spinal cord and required emergency, life threatening spinal surgery.. Less than 2 years after his first surgery he won gold in the mixed coxed four in the paralympic games. He then moved onto the GB para-cycling programme, with the aspiration of racing in Rio. However, in 2014, his tumour came back and since then he has undergone a further 5 enormous operations. His operation in 2016 left him paralysed. David is someone who has to live both with a spinal cord injury and the fear of his tumour progressing yet he is someone who LIVES in the true sense of the word.

Talking limb loss and GB paracycling with working supermum, Sally Hurst

This week, we talk to Sally Hurst. Sally describes herself as a ‘normal, tired, middle aged working mum’. After listening to this you’ll realise she is anything but! Aged 26 Sally was treated for osteosarcoma. This entailed cancelling her wedding to undergo a year of chemotherapy sandwiched around an above-knee amputation. Over the next ten years Sally got married; returned to work; had two children despite being told her treatment had probably made her infertile; learnt to walk and then cycle with a prosthetic leg; and to cap it all off she ended up racing for the Great Britain para-cycling team. 12 years later Sally was diagnosed with a completely unrelated breast cancer requiring more gruelling chemotherapy and surgery.

Facing the death of your child and living with no regrets. A conversation with Gillian Sewell.

This week, oncologist Lucy Gossage has an open, extremely moving yet remarkably uplifting conversation with Gillian Sewell, whose son Lewis died of cancer in August 2020 aged 18. Lucy was Lewis’s oncologist and in this episode, Gillian shares her experience as Lewis’s mother.

A special and exclusive interview with Paula Radcliffe and her daughter, Isla

In this episode we talk to Marathon Queen and former world Record Holder Paula Radcliffe and her incredible daughter Isla about Isla's cancer diagnosis at the age of 14 in the autumn of 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is the first time outside the Sunday Times article that Isla has spoken publicly about her experience with cancer.

Talking Living and Cancer with Deborah James, aka Bowelbabe

This is our second episode of the podcast: 'Talking living and cancer with Deborah James aka Bowelbabe' We are so lucky to have such a fantastic guest, thank you so much for joining us Deborah. Deborah is a broadcaster, a writer, a campaigner, a former deputy headteacher, a mum, a co-presenter of 'You, Me and the Big C' podcast, a runner and she has stage four bowel cancer.

Talking Cancer and Wellbeing with MP Tracey Crouch

This very first episode features former Sports minister, Tracey Crouch, as our guest. Tracey talks very openly about her cancer treatment during the pandemic, work-life balance, strategies for dealing with anxiety and much more.

Move Against Cancer Podcast, The Why

Our aim with this podcast is to support and inspire people to move, exercise and live an active and fulfilling life despite a cancer diagnosis.

Move Against Cancer Podcast: Trailer

Our aim with this podcast is to support and inspire people to move, exercise and live an active and fulfilling life despite a cancer diagnosis. Unfortunately, cancer will affect everyone either personally or through our loved ones and so whatever position you are in we hope you will learn and be inspired by our podcast. Thank you so much for listening.

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