Luke Grenfell-Shaw: Responding to life's challenges through Bristol 2 Beijing

Luke Grenfell-Shaw is a canliver* who has completed a tandem bike ride from Bristol, UK, to Beijing, China, to show that everyone can create opportunities for a rich and fulfilled life, even with cancer. Luke shared the journey with other people and he is aiming to raise £300,000 for five cancer-related charities. One of which is MOVE Charity. China was closed due to Covid, so Luke actually finished his ride in Bristol, after cycling the final 3,000km on a stationary bike at different locations around London for a month. This episode will give awesome insights into the trip and into what an incredible and inspirational person Luke is. *CanLiver: A person living with cancer, facing uncertainty and challenge on a daily basis, yet acknowledging they can still live a rich and full life.
"We all only have one life and it's all going to end, whether because of cancer or something else, so how are you going to do the things that really matter? It's not about the challenge that you face, it's how you come to respond to it."

Head back to Oct 2021 (episode 10) to hear our previous episode with Luke: Talking being a CanLiver: HERE.

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to Helen Murray for sharing this brilliant episode with us that she recorded for the Inside Tri Show podcast. This is a fantastic podcast so definitely check it out. 
In this episode you will hear: 
  • The importance about concentrating on what you CAN control rather than what you cannot. 
  • The journey being an expression of what you can do with cancer.
  • All about how Luke prioritises the things that matter. 
  • The impact that Covid had on his expedition. 
  • About how Luke didn't expect to finish the ride: "At the beginning of the ride, my mum wasn't expecting me to get to Beijing. In the very early days of the ride, I had aches in my shoulder. I thought it had come back."
  • The core belief of Luke's that every day should be worth living. 
  • The art of being non-judgemental: Everyone does things for the right reasons. And that won't be the same for everyone.
  • Luke's vision that doctors should see exercise as treatment for cancer. 
  • Luke's exciting future plans. 
Our 5k Your Way initiative recently celebrated our 4th anniversary and this really wouldn’t have been possible without Luke and the INCREDIBLE funding from the Bristol 2 Beijing Expedition. This enabled us to employ a full time 5k Your Way Operational Manager and survive covid where we had so long without group meet ups. Thank you so so much to Luke and to the Bristol 2 Beijing Team.

Luke is truly the epitome of Moving Against Cancer. This episode is 100% going to change your day, and maybe even the way you live your life. Listen now.
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