Talking with Naomi Pye: Cancer Clinical Psychologist. With bonus talk on Norseman triathlon with Sinead Conneely

Naomi Pye is a clinical psychologist in Nottingham who supports people to find their own strategies to Move Against Cancer. In this episode, Naomi talks to Lucy about what her role entails, discussing some of the strategies that she shares with the people she supports. They explore the ways a psychologist can support people living with and after cancer to cope with the challenges, life changes and uncertainty that cancer might throw them. There is also a bonus chat with Sinead Conneely who has just competed in The Norseman Triathlon! Sinead did this through #TeamZalaris and raised almost £8,000 for MOVE Charity!
In this episode you will hear:
  • All about what Naomi does as a clinical psychologist: A step by step guide on how she talks, supports and equips young people with strategies for coping with what they are going through.
  • The connection Naomi builds with people that are going through one of the hardest periods in their lives and seeing the difference it makes for them to open up to her.
  • About the pivotal point in people's lives that often comes after treatment where they get to re-evaluate who they are, what they want to do and who they want to be.
  • The resilience and strength of young people diagnosed with cancer and how empowering and inspiring this can be.
  • All about the topic of identity: Who we are and where our life is going. Recognising there can be grief about the loss of who you were.
  • How looking forward can sometimes be tricky but looking backwards to see how far you've come can be helpful.
And then talking to Sinéad:
  • All about The Norseman Triathlon. 
  • What being part of #TeamZalaris and fundraising for MOVE meant to Sinéad.
  • Sinéad's diagnosis and how that changed her outlook.
  • The fact that Sinéad used to run 1k then built it up to 3k then.... to an Ironman!

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