Talking ‘keeping life as normal as possible’ with Connor Fleming

In this episode Lucy talks to Connor Fleming. Connor is just a normal young man in his twenties. He got a new job about a year ago. He works full time as a printer. He loves playing cricket and football; sport is his life. Last week he scored 105 runs in his club cricket match.
If you met Connor on the cricket field you’d just think he was your average 27 year old,
albeit one with an exceptional batting prowess.

You would have no idea he has cancer. You would have no idea he is on chemotherapy.
You would have no idea what he has to go through every single day, to keep his life as
normal as possible.

Lucy and Connor have known each other for just over 2.5 years. Lucy is one of his

In this episode, Connor talks to Lucy about how he has found his own way to move against
cancer, and, particularly for him the importance of keeping life as normal as possible despite
everything cancer throws at him.
Not all superheroes wear capes; some wear camouflage. Connor is one of those.

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