Talking Sport and Exercise as a way of life with Greg Whyte OBE

Gemma Hillier-Moses, MOVE Charity Founder, talks to Greg Whyte. Greg is a former olympian, world renowned sport scientist, motivational speaker and world leading physical activity expert. He has a huge passion for exercise physiology, in particular cancer and exercise. Greg is well known for his mentoring of celebrities in endurance comic relief challenges and to date he has helped to raise over £38m for charity! Greg has led an interesting and unique journey, both personally and professionally. He is a brilliant speaker and you'll get an excellent insight into his life, his work and his values.
In this episode we discuss: 
  • Greg's passion for sport and physical activity.
  • The Olympic Dream in partnership with Education and Learning.
  • Supporting celebrities through endurance challenges.
  • The importance of exercise and physical activity in the Cancer Care Pathway. 
  • The meaning behind goal setting.
  • Creating a support network around you.
  • How cancer and exercise provision for the future is looking more promising. 
You'll come away truly believing that if you put your mind to it, it really is possible. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to come on as our guest Greg. We hope you all enjoy this episode. 

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