Talking a Neurosurgeon becoming a patient with Mr Henry Marsh

This week’s guest is arguably the world’s most well-known neurosurgeon, Mr Henry Marsh. Henry is nominally retired but continues to teach, lecture, write and share his knowledge and expertise, both within the UK and in Ukraine and Nepal. Henry is an acclaimed author; his first two books, ‘Do No Harm’ and ‘Admissions: A Life in Brain Surgery’ were both Sunday Times No. 1 bestsellers. In 2020, Henry was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and in his most recent book ‘And Finally’ he shares his experience of transitioning from doctor to patient and reflects deeply on life and death with both humour and candour.
Henry is articulate, eloquent, funny and brutally honest.
During this conversation, among many things, we discuss:
·      Henry’s experience of transitioning from eminent neurosurgeon to cancer patient.
·      How a rational person can entertain irrational thoughts.
·      The challenges of hormone therapy for prostate cancer.
·      Finding the balance between empathy and detachment.
·      What he thinks makes a good doctor.
·      Hope – finding the balance between realism and optimism.
·      Decision making as a neurosurgeon and as a patient.
·      Failure as a doctor.
·      Henry’s relationship with running.
·      Why he believes assisted dying should be legalised and his thoughts about death.
·      Why being a doctor still can be the best job in the world.
Twitter: @DrHenryMarsh

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