Talking Getting your Oomph back with Carolyn Garritt

This episode is all about the brilliant Carolyn Garritt. We follow Carolyn's journey of both her personal and professional experiences of cancer. Carolyn Garritt MSc (Public Health and Health Promotion) is a cancer exercise specialist personal trainer and is Exercise Lead for the West London Maggie’s Cancer Support Centre. She has been working in this relatively new field for more than seven years and is a qualified personal trainer and instructor in running, boxing, sports conditioning, chair-based exercise and Nordic walking. She has trained hundreds of people recovering from or living with cancer. She also has personal experience of cancer – she helped both her parents to become more active after their cancer diagnoses and in 2020, while she was writing this book, she was diagnosed with breast cancer herself. Carolyn is also the Ambassador for the small-but-perfectly-formed Southwark 5K Your Way Group.
In this episode you will hear about: 
  • Carolyn's views on the importance of Cancer Rehab with some lovely snippets about people she's worked with. 
  • The significance of pivotal moments that become life changing. 
  • Recovery, rehabilitation, exercise, movement and..... 'oomph'. 
  • Carolyn's personal cancer diagnosis during the pandemic and how that changed her outlook and perspective. 
  • The evidence behind the importance of exercising when living with or beyond cancer.  
  • All about Carolyn's BRAND NEW book: 'Get Your Oomph back: A Guide to Exercise After Cancer'
  • Those interesting "teachable" moments in the Cancer Rehab World. 
  • The brilliant Southwark 5k Your Way group
With acknowledgements and shout outs from Carolyn to:
Dr Jenny Wilson (GP and Bedford 5k Your way Ambassador) for her delightful forward to the book. And Liz O’Riordan (Surgeon, legend and Bury St Edmunds 5k Your Way Ambassador) for her lovely endorsement for the cover.

Thank you so much for speaking to us Carolyn.

You can pre-order Carolyn's book HERE.
And find out more about Carolyn's brilliant work HERE.

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