The things they don't tell you about cancer with Sophie, Liam and Millie

Sophie Mulligan, Millie Critchley and Liam Isles are the three brains behind the MOVE as ONE Facebook support group, but they also have one huge thing in common - they each had cancer in their 20s. This is a really powerful and honest chat about the harsh realities of having cancer as a young person. It highlights the things that are very rarely spoken about and how cancer isn't just a straight road from diagnosis to recovery, but that there are in fact so many hurdles to face along the way.
In this episode they discuss:
  • How it feels to be told you have cancer as a young adult
  • The unexpected side effects that come with having cancer treatment.
  • The pivotal point in their cancer journey that made the whole experience really sink in.
  • How others who haven't had cancer themselves just don't "get it".
  • Survivor guilt.
  • Recovery and moving on after cancer.
  • How life changes after having cancer.

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