From cancer diagnosis to marathon medals - Talking 'The Running Drug' with Tim Beynon

Tim spent much of his career as a journalist writing and editing the stories of others' sporting and personal achievements. He also spent many years working in the third sector, helping charities communicate their message and develop fundraising strategies. He is a big supporter of many brilliant charities and is a true believer that the health and wellbeing of millions of people across the UK is down to the hard work of the charity sector. Tim's brilliant book: 'The Running Drug': "From cancer diagnosis to marathon medal, via gloved fingers, blood tests and black toenails, The Running Drug tells the personal story of how Tim Beynon’s running addiction helped him to overcome cancer, finish his first marathon and discover a fitter, healthier future. With only one in 10,000 men contracting prostate cancer aged 40 and only one per cent of the world’s population running a marathon, Tim took on both challenges simultaneously. Recalling his journey from childhood cross-country lessons and exercise indifference to the dark days of diagnosis and the joy of completing the London Marathon, Tim’s heartwarming - and often hilarious - tale is one of stoic determination and hope." We cannot recommend this more, find out more and buy yours here: Or search 'The Running Drug' on Amazon.
In this episode we discuss:
- The importance of raising awareness of prostate cancer 
- Gaining control through running in a physical and mental way 
- How running a marathon, with it's ups and downs, can be a metaphor for life. 
- How running events such as the London Marathon can be life changing 
- Running motivation: You'll definitely finish listening and want to put your trainers on that's for sure! 
- Watch this space for a take home quote from Tim 

Thank you so much Tim, we really hope that you enjoy listening. 

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