Talking juggling junior doctor life and cancer life with Krista Bose.

Krista is an NHS junior doctor. She also has metastatic bone cancer.

She qualified as a doctor in 2021, in-between lockdowns and chemotherapy regimes, despite having been told when her sarcoma returned that there was no way she could finish medical school.

Krista likes proving her doctors wrong. As part of her primary treatment she had her femur, knee, top of her tibia and all 4 of her quadriceps muscles resected. Last year she climbed Mount Toukbal in the Atlas mountains. This year she is gunning for Kilimanjaro. Krista has a moving, funny, beautiful Instagram blog where she shares titbits from her life as a junior doctor, her life as someone living with cancer and above all, her overwhelming lust for life. Find her on instagram HERE.

This conversation was a real treat. We hope you enjoy!

Bone cancer research trust
Sarcoma UK

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