Talking life lessons as a Cancer Rehab Instructor with Helen Murray

This week we talk to Helen Murray ( Helen leads Move Charity’s online cancer rehabilitation programme for 13-30 year olds. She’s also a triathlon coach, a lover of outdoor adventures and host of the Inside Tri Show podcast ( But cancer rehab hasn’t always been her life. Until 2018 Helen was working early mornings, late nights and weekends as a Producer for BBC Sport. She covered major events around the world including two Olympics, the FIFA World Cup and two Commonwealth Games. However, after several years at the BBC Helen realised this wasn’t the way she wanted to spend the rest of her life. Amongst many things it was watching a short documentary about the benefits of exercise programmes for people affected by cancer that ultimately triggered her to take the plunge to leave the security of the BBC and change paths completely to train as a Cancer Rehab Instructor. Fast-forward 3 years and Helen has supported over 120 young people living with and after cancer through the Move online programme.
In this episode we discuss:
·         Taking the plunge to change careers 
·         What she has learnt from her work with young people with cancer
·         Why she believes the Move programme is so powerful
·         The highs of helping someone personally
·         The challenges of working with people with incurable cancer
·         How her work with Move has changed her outlook on life.
·         Tips for anybody who deep down wants to make a career change but isn’t quite brave enough to do it.
Helen is one of the good people of the world. Enjoy!

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