Let’s talk about sex.

This episode features 4 young people, Sophie Mulligan, Millie Critchley, Liam Isles and Caitlin Wilde, who all had cancer in their late teens/early twenties. They talk very openly and honestly about how their diagnosis and treatment affected their sex life, relationships and dating. Listening in on their conversation was 5k Your Way Co-Founder Lucy Gossage and Psychosexual Therapist Angela Gregory. Angela offers some excellent advice and resources whilst also answering any questions raised by Sophie, Millie, Liam and Cait during their chat. It was such a privilege to have a professional listen in on their conversation and give reassuring and informed advice. This is such an eye opening episode and highlights just some of the difficulties that young people face when they are diagnosed with cancer, whilst also placing emphasis on how more needs to be done by healthcare professionals to ensure that appropriate action is taken to combat any issues raised, so that their quality of life is maintained.
We read the BBC Article about Caitlin Wilde: 'I was ashamed to ask for help' and wanted to put something together about sex and cancer to help anyone else in a similar situation. 

In this episode you will hear:
  • Young people bravely opening up about sex, relationships, dating, fertility and cancer.
  • The impact of cancer on sex: Discomfort, body image, confidence and not knowing how to ask for help.
  • About how the advice they were given by their medical teams surrounding these issues was very minimal, despite this being a very important part of a young person’s life.
  • Discussion on treatment induced menopause and erectile dysfunction.
  • Excellent advice, problem solving and signposting with Psychosexual Therapist Angela Gregory.
Resources Angela talks about include:

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