Talking football, cancer and the desire to help others with Tony Lormor

Tony Lormor is an ex professional footballer who in his youth signed for Newcastle United before going on to play for the likes of Lincoln City, Chesterfield and Mansfield Town. Tony has also had his own experience of cancer having had Lymphoma numerous times since his initial diagnosis in 2011, however despite all of the harsh treatment that he’s been faced with, Tony has remained extremely positive and has gone on to do extraordinary things despite living with cancer. In this episode, Tony chats to Sophie, who is part of the team here at MOVE Charity and has also had Leukaemia 3 times herself, all about how his own experiences have made him want to do things that help others who are living with and beyond cancer, as it gives him that ‘warm, fuzzy feeling inside’ when he knows he has helped someone else or given them support when they need it.
In this episode they discuss:
  • Tony’s life as a professional footballer and the winning mentality that he still has to this day.
  • Tony’s diagnosis of Lymphoma and how it was the ‘kick up the backside’ that he needed.
  • How even despite his diagnosis, he went on to do incredible things such as becoming an Ambassador for Lymphoma Action, trekking in the arctic raising £6000 for charity and even starting up his own charity, Briteside, to support people affected by cancer. 
  • How some of the skills that he learnt as a footballer, including being incredibly resilient, helped him to navigate through his cancer treatment.
  • How writing a blog gave him a purpose whilst he was going through treatment.
  • The incredible work that Tony is doing with support groups that he has set up in his local community, including his plans to set up more support groups specifically for family and friends of those with cancer, as well as those who have been bereaved.

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