Cancer and the comeback with Andy McAslan

In this episode we talk to Andy McAslan, an 800m elite athlete based in Leeds. In August 2021 he was diagnosed with stage 4 follicular lymphoma, an incurable blood cancer at the age of 25. Cancer has given Andy a new perspective on life, from learning to grab opportunities, appreciate the small things and live your life to the full. You'll hear all about Andy's incredibly positive outlook, the reason why he wants to share his cancer journey and how running really is so much more than putting one foot in front of the other.
In this episode you will hear: 
  • The detail on how and why Andy is on a journey of comeback to elite sport after a cancer diagnosis. 
  • All the questions, doubts and fears of having an incurable cancer. 
  • The difficulties of talking to people who cannot relate to what you are going through. 
  • The importance of a support network and how Andy has found that in his running community. 
  • The need for further support for partners/family members of those diagnosed with cancer. 
  • How Andy relates to our goal of supporting and inspiring others to Move Against Cancer. 
  • The importance of a 'can-do' attitude no matter what card you're dealt. 
  • About how mindset is half the battle.
  • Advice for someone going through a difficult period in their life. 

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