Talking ‘Being a CanLiver’ with Luke Grenfell-Shaw.

In this episode we talk to Luke Grenfell-Shaw (also known as Bristol2Beijing on social media). Luke was diagnosed with stage 4 sarcoma in June 2018. In January 2020 he started a cycle ride from Bristol to Beijing on a tandem. This ride would be pretty epic at the best of times. Add Covid, closed borders and a cancer diagnosis into the mix and epic doesn’t even come close to describing it. Having made it to the border with Afghanistan, Luke’s currently back in the UK for a few weeks and is hoping to restart his journey to Beijing from Pakistan imminently.
In this episode we discuss:
• Why Luke coined the term ‘CanLiver’
• What made him start the trip, and why, despite the challenges and the tough times, he’s continuing.
• How Luke deals with the uncertainty of not knowing if his cancer will return and the impacts of this uncertainty on the way he lives his life.
• How Luke hopes to inspire people, with or without cancer, to live their lives as richly and fully as they can.

We guarantee Luke will make you want to make the most of every opportunity life throws at you. We hope you enjoy!

To find out more about Luke visit his website.

And to hear more about Luke’s experience of being diagnosed and treated for cancer take a listen to this brilliant conversation HERE between Luke and our Move charity Cancer Rehab Instructor and Online Programme Manager Helen Murray. 

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