A special and exclusive interview with Paula Radcliffe and her daughter, Isla

In this episode we talk to Marathon Queen and former world Record Holder Paula Radcliffe and her incredible daughter Isla about Isla's cancer diagnosis at the age of 14 in the autumn of 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is the first time outside the Sunday Times article that Isla has spoken publicly about her experience with cancer.
This is such an open and honest conversation and we feel very honoured to be able to share Isla's story. 

In this brilliant episode of the Move Against Cancer podcast, Move Charity Founder, Gemma Hillier-Moses has an honest and eye opening conversation with Paula and her daughter Isla.

In the episode they discuss:
  • The reality of being diagnosed with cancer at 14 year old. 
  • How it felt to go through this experience as a family. 
  • How Paula, as a mother, coped with her daughter's diagnosis and treatment journey. 
  • How important it is to have that support network and people to lean on. 
  • How homemade pizza, pesto pasta and lots of lemon juice were the main foods on the menu during chemotherapy cycles
  • How hard losing your hair during treatment can really be, especially for a teenager. 
  • Their love for sport and exercise as a family and how Isla's dream became a reality when her mum launched the 'Families on Track' initiative at the Durham city run festival in 2019.
  • Who's the most competitive in the family and who would win master chef between Mum (Paula) and Dad (Gary)
Thank you so so much to Paula and Isla for talking to us, we are honoured and privileged to share this with you.

Find out more about the Families on Track initiative HERE.

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