Talking Cancer and Wellbeing with MP Tracey Crouch

This very first episode features former Sports minister, Tracey Crouch, as our guest. Tracey talks very openly about her cancer treatment during the pandemic, work-life balance, strategies for dealing with anxiety and much more.
We are so excited to launch our very first full podcast with special guest MP Tracey Crouch.
Tracey is a member of parliament for Chatham and Aylesford, former minister for Sport, Civil Society and Loneliness and she's just finished treatment for breast cancer.

Lucy Gossage has a great conversation with Tracey, it's so worth listening to as Tracey speaks very openly about her journey with cancer during the pandemic and the importance of focusing on wellbeing; both physical and mental.

In this episode Tracey and Lucy discuss:
  • Undergoing cancer treatment during a pandemic
  • Work life balance
  • Strategies for dealing with anxiety
  • Breaking boundaries as a female role model
  • Social isolation
  • Lucy’s favourite recipe book
    Lucy believes Tracey will use her experience to help shape a more holistic NHS cancer care approach. We are so grateful to Tracey for joining us as our very first guest, thank you very much Tracey!

    Find out more about Tracey on her website HERE.

    Please do help us spread the word about our new podcast to anyone you know who might find it useful, we would really appreciate your support. Thank you.

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